The old fashioned way of centralized energy generation is not cool at all in several forms; environmental, costs, management, political…

Other ways are emergin

From centralized to distributed! How cool would it be to generate your own electricty and be able to sell what you don’t need to your own neighbors?
Sounds really good to be true!

Smart Grids

The Integral project has focused on the future-oriented and integrated management of forest landscapes in Europe.

Project Description

The Integral project aimed to research and develop new systems that can support new emerging models for energy generation and distribution.
One phase of the Integral project was tested in a real environment in Hoogkerk (The Netherlands), where several households were connected between them and to the grid in order to auto-generate electricity and fare-trade what is left after own consumption.

Tech stack: .NET, ASP MVC, Mobile, Web App, Entity Framework, MS SQLServer, Security 

Project Details

Owner European Union’s program
Industry Energy and Utilities
Location Groningen (The Netherlands)
Date 2009 to 2010
Role Software Engineer