Project Description

The ABN AMRO Wallet gives you even more freedom to make your payments with ease. After all, it is your mobile debit card!

How the ABN AMRO Wallet works
Making payments is easy with the Wallet and only takes a few seconds — simply switch your smartphone’s screen on, hold it against the payment terminal and Bob’s your uncle! The Wallet lets you pay amounts under €25 without having to enter your Wallet code. But if you’d prefer to use the Wallet code, you can enable this yourself. If you need to pay more than €25, you will always need to enter your Wallet code for security reasons.

Who the Wallet is aimed at
The ABN AMRO Wallet is currently only available to retail customers who have a current account with a contactless debit card.
A smartphone with:
– Android version 5.0 or above
– An NFC antenna

Mobile payments — safety
We at ABN AMRO do our utmost to ensure that payments you make using the Wallet are secure. When you pay with the Wallet, your telephone establishes a secure wireless connection with the payment terminal. This is only possible if your telephone is no further than 3 centimetres away from the payment terminal and your telephone’s screen is on.
You can decide for yourself whether you want to use the Wallet code to make payments under €25. After all, it is your Wallet.

More information
If you would like more information, please visit We are keen to hear what you think of the ABN AMRO Wallet!

Project Details

Manufacturer – ABN AMRO
Location Amsterdam (The Nederlands)
Date 2015-2016
Role Lead IT Architect (Front-end & API)