We all know the multiple service providers when it comes to hosting GIT repositories, sometimes we just want to keep a small project or prototype under version control without having to configure extra accounts for it.
Thats why sometimes I like to use Dropbox as my personal GIT repository hosting so I can share my current work between my computers or even with external members*.

This is how you can do it:

  1. Create a empty repository and make one commit for testing.
    ~/project $ git init
    ~/project $ git add .
    ~/project $ git commit -m "first commit"
  2. Create a bare repository under DropBox shared folder
    ~/project $ cd ~/Dropbox/git
    ~/Dropbox/git $ git init --bare project.git
  3. Add new bare repository as remote in our repository
    ~/Dropbox/git $ cd ~/project
    ~/project $ git remote add origin ~/Dropbox/git/project.git
  4. Push our changes! (note the -u parameter)
    ~/project $ git push -u origin master